Navien – CR

Endless Hot Water Supply

Navien Condensing 98% Tankless Water Heaters provide an unlimited amount of hot water at a steady temperature, whenever you need it, for as long as you need it

Ultra Condensing Efficiency

Because this product boasts the industry's highest efficiency, rating (98%) means customers can cash in on low annual operating costs as well as receive the best payback,compared with conventional tankless or tank-type water heaters. Navien's Condensing 98% Tankless also enjoys the highest gallons-per-minute (GPM) when comparing input BTUs.

Built-in Circulation Pump with Mini Buffer Tank. “A” Models Only

  • Delivers hot water to fixtures quickly resulting in water conservation.
  • No minimum flow rate: get hot water even at very low flow rates of 0.1 or 0.2 GPM
  • Eliminates any hot/cold/hot stacking, the so-called "Cold Water Sandwich".
  • Saves additional money and time by eliminating the pump purchase cost and on-site installation costs.
  • Prevents heat exchanger from freezing.
If over half of water heaters are 'A Series models' in Ready-Link® Cascade System, 'Non-A Models' can be used as part of multi-unit systems. This allows hot water circulation system as well as water savings with low costs.

Eco-Navien Technology

Navien utilizes condensing technology, which uses less gas, resulting in less CO2 emissions than conventional water heaters. Navien's ECO Premixed Burner not only dramatically reduces NOx emissions but also boasts the industry's lowest level of emissions. Partly dissolved NOx in condensed water neutralizes the alkaline household sewage, improving water pollution.