10 Ways To Stop Wasting Money On Your Heating Air Conditioning

  1. Set your thermostat as low as comfortable in the winter and as high as comfortable in the summer. Also, clean or replace filters once a month or as needed.
  2. Ducts – Your home’s duct system carries the air from your home’s furnace and central air conditioner to each room in your house. Making sure your duct system is properly insulated can save hundreds of dollars a year to your heating and cooling bills.
  3. If you use electricity to heat your home and live in a moderate climate, consider installing an energy-efficient heat pump system. 4) Turn of lights when not in use. Lights produce heat, which makes your air conditioning system work harder. Also, avoid placing lamps of TV sets near your air-conditioning thermostat. The thermostat senses heat
  4. Install a programmable thermostat. When you’re at work have the temperature turned up automatically. Vice-versa when you’re home in the evening.
  5. Check that your air conditioning condenser is located in a shady spot and has room to dispose of the heated air it removes from your home. Don’t crowd it with shrubs or anything else.
  6. Plant shade trees and shrubs around your home to help reduce the heat of the sun, especially on the south and west sides. This can help reduce your cooling costs by up to 30%.
  7. Fans – Run your ceiling fans so they push the air down toward the floor. This circulates the air in your home and will help you cool your home more efficiently than running the air conditioner by itself. In the winter run your fans the opposite direction. Portable fans will also improve airflow in rooms that don’t get as cool.
  8. Open the windows when possible to keep your house cool, without the air conditioning unit running.
  9. Long Term – Buy energy-efficient products when you purchase new heating and cooling equipment. Look for the ENERGY STAR and Energy Guide labels. These products can save a lot of money.

Get Cleaner Air With Puyallup Heating and Air Conditioning

Puyallup Air PurifierYour home. It is where you go for comfort, it’s where you feel at ease and safe. But did you know that it can also be bad for you? The air in your home can be five times more polluted than the air outside. That’s a lot of pollen, dust, viruses, germs and animal hair flying around that you can’t even see. The best way to get rid of all this stuff floating around in your home is to remove it with air purifiers from Puyallup Heating and Air Conditioning. Puyallup Heating and Air Conditioning only offers the very best in air purifiers from the world leader in air circulating systems, Carrier. Carrier is a world renowned company in the field of heating, air conditioning, air purifying and refrigeration systems. The highly energy efficient, Infinity Air Purifier system is award-winning. This system from Carrier doesn’t merely filter and trap air pollutants. Viruses, bacteria, mold and fungi and any other airborne pathogens are effectively electrocuted to death before they can reach you and your family. Air purifiers such as the Infinity Air Purifier from Puyallup HVAC captures pollutants as small as 0.01 microns. That is 18,000 times smaller than the size of the head of a sewing pin. This unit will purify the air in your home as many as eight times every hour. The only maintenance required is to change the filter periodically, and the unit will even let you know when it’s time. These Puyallup air purifiers from Carrier have a MERV rating of 15, which is just about perfect when it comes to energy efficiency. MERV is short for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value and the scale is from 1 (least) to 16 (most) for efficiency. The Infinity Air Purifier carries a 10-year limited parts warranty. Puyallup Heating and Air Conditioning has been serving the Puget community since 1946. With this kind of track record they certainly must be doing something right. They will sit down with you and design a system that will best fit your budget and air filtration/air conditioning needs. Your satisfaction is always their number one priority.